Woof’s mission is to give
every pet an id

Humans have treated pets as “things” for many years. Pet data is currently scattered across different industries, and existing solutions often address pet-human needs in a generic manner. Woof’s mission is to give every pet an id that serves as the system of record (SaaS) to gather data, prevent pet diseases, expand and enable customized pet-human experiences.


Marcela Grezes
Founder and CMO
“Zulu passed away before reaching 2 years old. With the preventive vet care enabled by Woof’s pet id, Zulu could have lived much longer. We would have a much greater likelihood of having an early FeLV diagnosis, which could have given me more years with my beloved Zulu. Inspired by Zulu, we created Woof’s pet id to help pet owners across the globe to give what’s best for their pets”

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