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Miami Airport pet travel requirements?

Pets need a guardian, secure carrier, leash/harness, health certificate, microchip, rabies vaccine, minimum 8 weeks old, fit specific carrier size, non-aggressive, not disruptive.

Are there pet relief areas at the airport?

Yes, there are designated pet relief areas within the airport terminals. These areas are located near the baggage claim areas. I hope this information is helpful! Let me know if you have any other questions.

What pet services are at Miami International Airport?

Near MIA: pet-friendly hotels (Holiday Inn Express, Hilton Garden Inn, Best Western Plus), restaurants (Hard Rock Cafe, Bubba Gump, Rainforest Cafe), and a pet relief area by baggage claim.

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Required pet travel documents for MIA?

Health certificate, microchip ID, rabies vaccine certificate, pet passport (for international travel), airline ticket copy, pet's boarding pass.

Any additional fees or charges about pet travel at MIA?

There are no additional fees or charges associated with traveling with a pet through MIA. However, some airlines may charge a pet fee. I hope this information is helpful! Let me know if you have any other questions.

Any size/breed restrictions for pets at the airport?

There are no restrictions on the size or breed of pets allowed to travel through the airport. However, pets must be able to fit in a carrier that is no larger than 22x14x10 inches.

Instant pet
identification for

contact details
readily available

check-in process
at MIA

Peace of mind
during air travel

Integration with
airport pet services

Exclusive deals for you
and your pet with MIA's partners

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