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About Woof

We are the largest affiliated pet shop network in Brazil, and the only one that guarantees free same-day delivery, spectacular service and the best price in over 200 cities. We are passionate about animals and, at Woof, you and your pet always come first!

Free and same day delivery

Combining agility and convenience, we deliver your pet products on the same day of your order. Thus, we guarantee that your pet will never lack anything!

Team of experts

Woof has a super team of experts to serve you! With veterinarians, zootechnicians and behaviorists on the team, we analyze and recommend the best brands and products, and we are always available on our channels to serve our customers and their pets!

Our customers are the reason we exist

We are 100% dedicated to our customers (and their pets!) and we always want to ensure a fantastic customer service and shopping experience. Did you need it? Woof helps you, always!

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