Register an animal for transport in the cargo hold

You can take your dog or cat with you on your Lufthansa flight as excess baggage in special transport containers in the air-conditioned cargo hold. We’ll check the availability and make the booking for you no later than 72 hours before departure. We shall inform you by email if it is not possible to make the booking for your pet. If your booking is successful, you must pay the fees incurred when checking in at the airport.

Check fees for taking your pet(s) with you

Since 1 January 2020, the transport of dogs and cats belonging to snub-nosed (brachycephalic) breeds is subject to restrictions.

> To information about travelling with fighting-dog breeds and snub-nosed animals
> To the requirements for the transport of animals in the cargo hold

General information

Please give us your contact details, your flight details and the type of service you require.

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We shall check for availability and book the transport of your pet as excess baggage in the cargo hold on your next Lufthansa flight. We shall inform you by email if it is not possible to make the booking for your pet. If your booking is successful, you must pay the fees incurred including transfer when checking in at the airport.

Terms and conditions of use

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Flight details
Type of service

  • Booking no later than 72 hours before departure (otherwise please contact the Service Centre up to 24 hours before departure).
  • Available on flights operated by Lufthansa, exceptions may apply on Lufthansa code-share flights (e.g. no availability on flights operated by United Airlines).
  • No availability on travel with transit / transfer in Munich. This exception does not apply to direct flights from/to Munich.
  • Lufthansa Express Bus / Lufthansa Express Rail: carriage not possible.
  • Country-specific restrictions (e.g. Australia, Bahrain, China, etc.) and exceptions for certain aircraft types may apply.
  • The minimum age of the animal from / to Germany is 15 weeks, in all other countries 12 weeks.
  • Each animal must be able to move during its journey, as well as stand, lie down and turn around in its cage. If two animals are transported together in a single cage, they must be used to be together.
  • Only one animal is permitted per transport container. Exception: two animals of approximately the same size and each no heavier than 14 kg, or a mother animal with a young animal.
  • Your pet’s transport container must comply with IATA Live Animal Regulations.
Type of animal
Number of animals
Your pet's age
Dimensions and weight of the transport container
Please now enter the exact dimensions of your transport container so that we can ensure carriage.

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